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DLV-Pro Data Logging Voltmeter


Upgrade your battery monitoring with Eagle Eye Power Solutions’ DLV Pro Data Logging Battery Voltmeter. This advanced device ensures precise voltage measurements in the 0-20 VDC range and data logging for comprehensive battery analysis. Order now for enhanced battery performance.

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The DLV-Pro Data Logging Voltmeter automatically measures and records cell voltages in less than 1 second, enabling hundreds of cell voltage readings to be measured from a string of cells without having to write down a reading or push a button. Additionally, S.G. measurements can be uploaded directly to the unit from the Eagle Eye SG Ultra Max Digital Hydrometer for a complete battery testing solution.

The DLV-Pro can also perform a full discharge test on up to 256 cells by recording up to 11 timestamped voltage readings for each cell, along with time-stamped load current readings (via a shunt/current probe) and initial and/or final hydrometer readings via the SG-Ultra Max. The DLV-Pro provides immediate, on-site analysis of all battery test data including threshold, statistical and graphical reporting, battery and individual cell discharge curves. Threshold limits for all modes can be set manually on the instrument or via the USB/PC interface. Test data can be uploaded to a PC using the included Winmeter 5.1 Battery Analysis Software.


  • Record, view, & analyze cell voltages with statistical & graph analysis
  • Targeted applications include: Telecom, Utilities, & Motive Power
  • Optional memory configurations to best suit a variety of applications
  • Perform a full battery discharge test & analyze results on-site during the test
  • Upload & view measurement data from the SG-Ultra Max digital hydrometer
  • Replay animated discharge tests
  • Export test data to PDF reports or Excel spreadsheets


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