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IBEX-PRO Intelligent Battery Examiner Kit with Exmons Ultra+ Software

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Eagle Eye Power Solutions’ IBEX-Series are the premier battery resistance testers in Eagle Eye’s portable battery tester line. The IBEX-Series is the fastest internal battery resistance tester/portable battery tester in the industry today, providing measurement results in just three seconds. The IBEX battery resistance tester is available in three different models: IBEX-Ultra, IBEX-Pro, and IBEX-EX. Each model has different accessories and capabilities – see the table below for differences between them. Every IBEX model accurately and quickly tests a battery’s state-of-health while the system is online. Test Internal ohmic Resistance (mΩ) or Conductance (Siemens), Connection Resistance, Jar Voltage (V), Temperature, DC Current and Ripple Current.

View this product breakdown to decide which IBEX kit is best for you: IBEX-Series Kit Comparison 020819


  • IEEE Recommended: Meets IEEE Std 1188-1996 and 2005 “Recommended Practice for Maintenance, Testing, and Replacement for Stationary Applications
  • Precise & Repeatable: Utilizing the world’s first ripple removing algorithm, the IBEX identifies problematic or failing cells
  • Durable: With unique design and limited current required, the IBEX will outlast all other testers
  • Online Tester: Test batteries while they are in service
  • Fast: Automatically measures and stores data in just 3-4 seconds
  • Comprehensive Battery Diagnostic Software: The included software provides an easy to use interface for data management, trending analysis, exporting to excel, viewing graphs and creating reports
  • Battery Bank Management: Manage all of your battery banks with the IBEX-Ultra. All necessary battery banks can be managed at your PC with the included software
  • Multiple Settings: Built-in and automatic measuring algorithm settings


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