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SG-Ultra Max Digital Battery Hydrometer


Discover the SG-Ultra Max Electronic Hydrometer from Eagle Eye Power Solutions. This compact density meter provides fast, accurate measurements for battery testing and quality control. Featuring a lightweight, robust design, it offers wireless data transfer and easy storage, ensuring reliable performance in various environments.

Range: 0.0000 – 3.0000

Spare sample tube for the SG-Ultra Max

IrDA to USB Adapter for SG-Ultra Max

Hard Carrying Case

Replacement Hand Pump

Screw Plug for SG-Ultra Max

Black Pump Lock Cover

Battery Chamber Cover

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The SG-Ultra Max Digital Battery Hydrometer / compact density meter measures the density and density-related values of your sample within seconds. Results appear on the backlit LCD screen and are ready for storage, printout or export to a PC. The lightweight and robust design enable on-site operation in a wide range of environments. Completely sealed, pump spills do not enter the instrument. The SG-Ultra Max Digital Battery Hydrometer and portable density meter feature leak-proof housing for operation in industrial and field applications including battery testing for utilities and telecoms, food & beverage testing, quality control, biotechnology, and many more. Supported measuring units include density, density at reference temperature, specific gravity, alcohol, API, °Baumé, °Brix, and five programmable custom functions to ensure your measurement requirements.


  • Accuracy: 99.999%, accurate
  • User Friendly: Compact, lightweight and allows for one-hand measurement
  • Wireless Communication: Infrared data interface for data exchange with a PC and data export to a printer
  • Storage: Stores up to 1,024 total measurement results including time stamp and sample ID
  • Reliable: CE compliant and one year warranty


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