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Ultra Max Plus Kit


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IBEX-Ultra, SG-Ultra Max & Software Testing Kit

IBEX-Ultra includes: IBEX Body, Soft-Poly-Vinyl Bag, 4-Pin Test Leads, Li-Ion Battery, USB Cable, Serial Comm Software, Standard Charger (100 to 240 VAC), Hard Plastic Carrying Case, User Manual, Exmons Ultra Software, Temperature Probe, 0.5mΩ Shunt, Spare 4-Pin Test Lead Tips, DC Clamp Meter

SG-Ultra includes: SG-Ultra, Sample Tube (5.625” x 1/8”), IrDA Adapters, SG-Ultra Management Software, Carrying Case, User Manual



IEEE / NERC Ultra Max Plus Battery Testing Kit

The Ultra-Max Plus Kit is the complete solution for testing per IEEE and NERC standards. The Ultra-Max Plus Kit has three parts: an IBEX-Ultra Portable Ohmic Battery Tester, SG-Ultra Max Digital Hydrometer, and Exmons Ultra+ All-in-One Management Software. The Ultra-Max Plus Kit tests internal resistance, voltage, connection resistance, temperature, DC current, ripple current, specific gravity (state of charge), and electrolyte temperature. Eagle Eye Power Solutions’ IEEE/NERC Kits are completely customized to meet your specific battery testing requirements. Let us know your specific applications, testing requirements and budget, and we can tailor a battery testing kit to fit your needs.


  • Complete Battery Testing Kit meets IEEE/NERC Requirements for battery maintenance
  • Measures: Internal Resistance, Voltage, Inter-Cell Resistance, Temperature, DC Current, Ripple Current, Specific Gravity and Electrolyte Temperature
  • Store up to 4,800 results with IBEX-Ultra and 1,024 with SG-Ultra Max
  • Exmons Ultra+ Software included for all-in-one battery management


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