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IBEX-Series Portable Battery Resistance Tester

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Eagle Eye Power Solutions’ IBEX-Series are the premier battery resistance testers in Eagle Eye Power Solutions’ portable battery tester line. The IBEX-Series is the fastest internal battery resistance tester/portable battery tester in the industry today, providing measurement results in just three seconds. The IBEX battery resistance tester is available in three different models: IBEX-Ultra, IBEX-Pro, and IBEX-EX. Each model has different accessories and capabilities – compare IBEX models. Every IBEX model accurately and quickly tests a battery’s state-of-health while the system is online. Test Internal ohmic Resistance (mΩ) or Conductance (Siemens), Connection Resistance, Jar Voltage (V), Temperature, DC Current and Ripple Current.

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  • IEEE Recommended: Meets IEEE Std 1188-1996 and 2005 “Recommended Practice for Maintenance, Testing, and Replacement for Stationary Applications
  • Precise & Repeatable: Utilizing the world’s first ripple removing algorithm, the IBEX identifies problematic or failing cells
  • Durable: With unique design and limited current required, the IBEX will outlast all other testers
  • Online Tester: Test batteries while they are in service
  • Fast: Automatically measures and stores data in just 3-4 seconds
  • Comprehensive Battery Diagnostic Software: The included software provides an easy to use interface for data management, trending analysis, exporting to excel, viewing graphs and creating reports
  • Battery Bank Management: Manage all of your battery banks with the IBEX-Ultra. All necessary battery banks can be managed at your PC with the included software
  • Multiple Settings: Built-in and automatic measuring algorithm settings

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Battery TypesVLA, VLRA, Ni-Cad, & Others
Parameters MeasuredInternal Ohmic Resistance, Inter-Cell Resistance, Voltage,
Temperature, DC Current (Ultra), DC Ripple Current (Ultra)
Measurement RangeBattery Capacity: 5 – 6000 Ah
Voltage: 0 – 60 VDC
Ohmic Range: 0.001 – 999.9mΩ
AccuracyDC Voltage: ±0.5%
Internal Resistance: ±1.0%
Temperature: ±2.0%
ResolutionDC Voltage: 10 mV
Internal Resistance: 0.001 mΩ
Temperature: 0.5 °C (0.5 °F)
Test Speed3 – 4 seconds per cell/unit
Test LoadLess than 2 A per cell/unit
AlarmsVoltage Over & Under, Resistance Warning & Fail, Temperature Over
Calibration MethodAuto Calibration
Data TransferUSB Cable to PC
DisplayBacklit LCD
Internal Storage4800 Results
Alarms80 Alarms
Operating Environment-20 – 80 °C (-4 – 176 °F)
Power RequirementsLi-ion Battery Pack (2200 mAh, 11.1V) 3 – 4 Hours of testing
Dimensions / Weight175 x 95 x 42 mm (6.8 x 3.7 x 1.6 in) / 0.65 kg (1.4 lbs)


What is the importance of resistance testing?
Resistance testing is an integral part of a full battery maintenance program. Resistance testing allows you to diagnose a battery’s health and use data to trend performance over the battery’s lifetime

What type of cells can the IBEX measure?
The IBEX will measure 1.2, 2, 6, and 12V cells up to 6,000AH

Can I test my system while its online?
Yes, the IBEX has a ripple removing algorithm built in to automatically insure precise measuring even on float charge.

How long does the IBEX take to display testing measurements?
The IBEX takes less than 3 seconds per measurement

How many Results does the IBEX store?
The IBEX-Ultra holds 4800 results, we recommend storing all data long-term in the Exmons software database

How often should I calibrate?
We recommend annual calibrations

Can I field calibrate?
If necessary, the IBEX can be field calibrated for improved performance

Does the IBEX work with Ni-Cad batteries?
The IBEX is compatible with VLA, VRLA, Ni-Cad, & other battery types

How large is the measurement test load used by the IBEX?
The IBEX injects less than 2A per cell

How many hours will the battery last for?
The IBEX has 2x supplied Li-Ion batteries that will power the IBEX for 3-4 hours each

What if I want only want Excel data?
No problem! Excel filing can be achieved easily through Serial Com or Exmons

Can measurements be taken in Siemens instead of Ohms?
Yes, the IBEX can take measurements in either ohms or siemens. Only one measurement unit may be set at a time and it applies to the entire dataset of the unit. Note that switching between siemens and ohms requires a reset of the unit. Existing data should be transferred from the IBEX prior to changing measurement units.

What are the advantages to using the software?
There are many advantages to transferring data to the software. Some, but not limited to, are extended data analysis, report generation, historical data trending, data loss protection (in event of IBEX loss or damage), & no limitation on data results (IBEX holds 4,800 internally)

What is Exmons Ultra Plus?
Exmons is a software program developed for use with the IBEX-Series Pro & Ultra models. Its main use is to enable the user to transfer data into a central database where the user can generate reports, view the data in chart & graph forms, & compare trends of present & historical data. Note that Exmons is limited for use only with measurement units set to Ohms.

If I get a new PC will I lose my data?
If your PC is damaged and you do not have a backup file, the data will be lost. If you are upgrading your PC however, you can easily export the entire database to the new PC. We recommend periodically saving a backup database to a flash drive

How many PCs can my database be installed on?
There is no limitation to how many PC’s the database can be installed on. You will however have to update each database independently, either by IBEX transfer or database exporting each time new measurement data is recorded. We recommend providing dedicated PC to your battery maintenance team

If my IBEX is damaged, is my old data compatible with my new IBEX?
Yes, Exmons is designed to work with any IBEX Pro or Ultra (EX model not compatible). This is so that large battery maintenance teams can use multiple IBEXs for one shared database

Do you have additional literature for the Exmons software?
Beyond the dedicated Exmons user manual we have a full tutorial series covering the features of the Exmons software, found on our support website at: http://www.eepowersolutions.com/support

What are the PC requirements for Exmons Ultra Plus?
The recommended minimum PC performance benchmarks are a dual core 1.8Ghz processor, 2GB memory with disk space of 100GB, & display resolution of 1280×1024

Can I incorporate specific gravity data into Exmons?
Yes, Exmons is designed to work with our SG-Ultra & Max with a special IrDA adapter

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