Newsletter | 2023 October–November

Tech Note | The Proper Charging of Stationary Lead-Acid Batteries

Your battery is only as good as how you charge it.

All too often, stationary batteries are not correctly or adequately charged. This leads to a shortened battery life and may also cause a premature and sometimes catastrophic battery failure. It is the author’s experience that almost 50 percent of all stationary batteries are not being properly charged. This observation is based upon hundreds of site visits, multiple battery system tests, and the examination of numerous maintenance records and warranty claims.

Battery charging is a complex process. Consideration has to be given to several fixed and varying parameters, such as battery type and chemistry, battery application, and the environment in which the battery is being used. In many cases, batteries are installed and put into service connected to chargers that have been factory preset and not readjusted to suit the batteries that they are charging.

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Podcast | Portable Battery Testing from the Salesman’s Mouth

News From the Nest

The Season of Giving

Eagle Eye employes are supporting several charities this season including: a Thanksgiving Food Drive for the elderly, gathering needed items for homeless veterans, a toy drive for children as well as volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House.

New Field Service Technicians

We welcomed Aaron Jones and Randy Purcell to the Eagle Eye Services team.
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Vistage Award

Eagle Eye’s founder, Ryan Sberna, received the Member Excellence Award celebrating his steadfast leadership climb and embodiment of the Vistage values.
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