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In this episode of DC Power Hour, the Battery Blarney duo of George and Allen, along with our resident load bank technician and engineer Josh Fox, delve into the intricacies of load testing and load banks. They emphasize the critical importance of load testing in assessing battery capacity and highlight challenges faced by utilities in allocating manpower for comprehensive testing. The conversation explores IEEE and NERC standards for load testing, including acceptance tests and modified performance tests, and offers practical insights from field experiences. The hosts conclude by discussing strategies like cell jumping and the necessity of adjusting charger voltages, providing valuable tips for professionals in battery maintenance.


E50 – Unlocking Battery Insights: Navigating Load Testing Challenges

E49 – We’re changing things up this episode with Marketing Guru Jay Schwedelson!
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E48 – Talking Ground Faults with Special Guest Ron Dickinson

E47 – Switch Mode Chargers and TPL Compliance

E46 – The Battery Blarney Duo Welcome George Turner and Talk Batteries

E45 – The Battery Blarney Duo Field Questions From Sales II

E44 – The Battery Blarney Duo Field Questions From Sales

E43 – Portable Battery Testing from the Salesman’s Mouth

E42 – Hydrogen Detection Ventilation and Other Battery Room Safety Tips

E41 – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Load Banks but Were Afraid To Ask

E40 – UPS Battery Applications and Data Centers

E39 – Evolution of the Utility Market and Customer Issues

E38 – Battcon 2023 Recap

E37 – The Latest on Codes and Standards and Battcon 2023 Preview

E36 – Reboot of Episode 16: How to Walk Out of a Battery Room… Alive

E35 – Setting the Record Straight on Battery Monitoring

E34 – Compliant Redundancy from a Single Industrial Battery Charger

E33 – How Does Standby Battery Power Work Exactly?

E32 – Battery Chemistries and Applications – Part 2

E31 – Battery Chemistries and Applications – Part 1

E30 – Stationary Battery Applications Across Industries

E29 – A Look Back and a Look Forward at the DC Power Industry – Part 2

E28 – A Look Back and a Look Forward at the DC Power Industry

E27 – Q&A with An Electric Co-op E/I Technician

E26 – The Challenges of Battery Warranty

E25 – Live Q&A with the Battery Blarney Duo

E24 – How (Un)Reliable Is the Electric Grid?

E23 – Applying Stationary Battery Training in the Field

E22 – Reboot of Episode 14: Extreme Weather and Other Pitfalls of the Current Power Grid in America

E21 – Reboot of Episode 11: Renewables and Alternative Energy Sources

E20 – What’s Happened to the Quality of Stand-By Power Installations?

E19 – Battery Monitoring and Data Analysis

E18 – Moving Away from Fossil Fuels Toward Electrifcation

E17 – How to Properly Charge a Stationary Battery

E16 – How to Walk Out of a Battery Room… Alive

E15 – Ohmic Values and Battery Testing

E14 – Extreme Weather and Other Pitfalls of the Current Power Grid

E13 – UPS Applications and Battery Failure

E12 – Myths and Facts About Lead-Acid Batteries

E11 – Renewables and Alternative Energy Sources

E10 – Battcon Recap

E9 – Industry Disruptors

E8 – The Pros and Cons of Electric Vehicles

E7 – Equipment Redundancy

E6 – Why Battery Monitoring?

E5 – The Effect of the Pandemic on the DC Power Industry

E4 – The Importance of Battery Room Safety

E3 – What Is Going on with America’s Aging Power Grid Infrastructure

E2 – Why Is Battery Maintenance So Important?

E1 – The State of the DC Power Industry

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From a Subscriber:
Fantastic podcast and awesome company. If you’re looking for anything DC Power related or anything in relation to critical loads, this is your company! Massive fan of the guys over here in Australia! I share the podcast with everyone in the industry over here that I can! I even use Episode 16 (‘How to Walk Out of a Battery Room…Alive’) as a form of induction for new guys. Looking forward to attending at BattCon in the future! Keep up the good work!

– Sam

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