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Podcast | Moving from Fossil Fuels Toward Electrification

This episode focuses on the reality vs. myths of moving from fossil fuels toward alternative, renewable energy sources. George and Allen discuss the true effect this will have on society, the environment, and the power industry. While electrification in theory will greatly reduce carbon emissions and result in a more sustainable environment and future, in reality, it poses a number of concerns about cost, efficiency, and reliable power. Striking the right balance through this transition is a must as we navigate the myriad of potential issues to consider.

Episode Highlights

19:16 – Maybe we can start transitioning over to the alternatives to see what’s realistic and what’s not, there.

22:19 – Converting a traditional coal burning plant to a clean coal burning plant is significant. 

29:16 – People often forget that the pollution and the impact of coal, natural gas, burning plants.

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