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Podcast | Ohmic Values and Battery Testing

In this episode, we spread deep knowledge in the battery industry and look at how ohmic measurement and ohmic values play a crucial role in battery testing. The Battery Blarney Duo, George and Allen, discuss data trending, the most significant things to look at when monitoring a battery, the value of low capacity cells, and acceptance of ohmic value. In the second segment, they are joined by industry expert and friend, Peter DeMar of Battery Research and Testing for almost 40 years.  Peter shared his background and they discuss artificial intelligence, indication of battery health, place for ohmic testing for batteries with advanced chemistry, ohmic testers and UPS.

Episode Highlights

16:14 – You’ve got to look at everything. This is probably my biggest concern when we talk about ohmic measurement is this almost pathological belief that that is the only value that matters. We have to go back to the original battery technicians, think about what they did. They’re looking at everything, they are looking at temperature, they are looking at the voltage.

21:37 – You need some very accurate instrument tape devices in order to measure those voltages and also the problem of noise at the same time because batteries are not as quiet as people think they are.

22:47 – Why do we have to have this value, why must we have limits? Eventually I do believe we will see artificial intelligence get involved because AI doesn’t need limits, it recognizes those changes and variations.

41:37 –  In improvements or inclusions or whatever the right word is. With artificial intelligence and machines and programs in understanding what they’re looking at we’re going to make improvements. The information or analysis coming out of them might be more beneficial.

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