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Podcast | A Look Back and a Look Forward at the DC Power Industry Part 2

The Battery Blarney Duo continue their discussion with Andrew on the challenges and opportunities facing the DC power industry. They discuss the role of standards in promoting innovation and interoperability, the need for improved energy storage technologies, and the potential for micro-grids to provide resiliency in the face of extreme weather events. They also talk about the changing landscape of the utility industry, as more and more customers are seeking alternatives to traditional grid-provided power. The panelists agree that the future of the DC power industry is full of promise, but caution that there are still many challenges to be addressed. They urge companies and individuals to continue to push for progress in order to ensure that the industry can meet the needs of a rapidly changing world.

Episode Highlights

07:51 – What I think people forget sometimes is the use of the word “standards”. Standards really should be mandated by law, like the national electricity code.

19:39 – That`s probably one of the biggest challenges we have, from the maintenance point of view, because we simply like the technicians or all of those recommended practices on how things should be done.

27:17 – For me, if I was a manager of a facility, I would require that our technicians  adhere to the standards.

37:44 – Maybe we have a high level of engineering expertise but it doesn’t apply in a different industry and each industry is different.

49:25 – PRC 005 and TPO 001-5 are all part of the requirement, most of these managers  or in the managerial level dont understand the basis of it.

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