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Podcast | Battcon ’23 Recap

In this episode the Battery Blarney Duo talk about a great topic once again, the Battcon 2023 recap. We’ve been waiting a few weeks to discuss this as George has been traveling, doing some training around North America. He’s back and in studio with us along with Allen and Chris joining in so sit back and enjoy the conversation.

Episode Highlights

01:53 – How Battcon began!

09:08 – Oh, they’ll be back next year. They really enjoyed it. and found it really, really informational.

13:06 – As a Battcon presenter for many years, George discusses the process and experience.

36:09 – Some companies say that they’re installation experts and you look at pictures they proudly send out and I can pick about half a dozen problems with it. We’re going to have to talk about installers and user safety as well.

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