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Podcast | Compliant Redundancy from a Single Industrial Battery Charger

In this episode, George is joined by Lucas Berndt, modular switch-mode charger product expert, to talk about industrial battery chargers and redundancy. They discuss the benefits of having a modular charger – with hot-swappable power modules – for redundant functionality in case of an outage. They address how this satisfies NERC and TPL standards that aim to eliminate single points of failure – and instead of having to buy and make room for two chargers, just one of these chargers will do the trick. Tune in for an in-depth conversation about chargers that you don’t want to miss.

Episode Highlights

6:10 – One of the things that I really like about the modular chargers is the fact that at a location, just by adding a small charger, we suddenly have full N+1 redundancy.

12:53 – Basically, what I look for when I’m looking for redundancy, in talking about plusses, that is also variant from utility to utility – what they view as redundancy. So, they may look at it from the standpoint of my redundancy in my equation is I need, if this charger fails, I need to have the exact same power it had available. Or is their term of redundancy, I can lose a little, but I still maintain.

23:43 – Changing out a modular battery charger is so easy a salesman can do it. I can be done 100% safely. It is pretty safe and pretty fast.

43:10 – With NERC and TPL standards aiming to address and eliminate single points of failure, and a lack of space to consider when configuring system updates, being able to use a single charger instead of two is a priority.

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