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Podcast | Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Load Banks but Were Afraid to Ask

Meet Chad, “The Load Bank Killer” Teichmiller, our inside sales load bank guru. He’s been on board at Eagle Eye Power Solutions for a couple years now and is up to speed with all the technical aspects of load bank testing. In this episode, Chad will share a number of features and benefits of AC and DC load banks, what some of the terminology means, and shed some light on a number of the custom options that customers are looking for.

Episode Highlights

02:24 – What are the, the range of models and things that we offer?

10:33 – What’s a DAC?

13:54 – What is the general lead time for receiving a custom load bank?

20:55 – Where do you see the market going with EVs?

25:10 – What type of load bank would you be and why?

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