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Podcast | Evolution of the Utility Market and Customer Issues

In this episode of the DC Power Hour David and Allen introduce the Power Solutions sales team, including Brian, Luke, and Andrew. They discuss the evolution of the utility market and customer issues. Luke emphasizes the growing adoption of permanent 24/7 monitoring and the importance of better understanding and interpreting data. Brian mentions that utilities are looking for more efficient solutions to manage fleets and improve asset efficiency. Andrew highlights the shift from manual data collectors to automated data collectors and renewable energy as a more mainstream form of power generation.

Episode Highlights

03:51 – Across the industry a lot of customers are dealing and grappling with the on boarding of TPL-001-5.

15:34 – Remote locations have been challenging, but that’s where we’re coming in and creating a great value, showing them our easy reports and how they can connect.

22:06 – You might have a ton of electric vehicles and high demand surges in LA or San Diego, but that’s not where the renewable sites are and getting that power to those areas can also be a problem.

44:37 – We’re looking at putting on regional Eagle Eye University events where clients within a specific 700 mile range can come and get training at a location that’s convenient to them in the local utility market and be tuned highly towards that specific market, whether it’s in the west, the south, or the east.

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