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Podcast | How Does Standby Battery Power Work Exactly?

In this episode, George Pedersen of The Battery Blarney Duo answers questions about the basic concept and workings of battery backup for electric substations and their critical components. He touches on topics including ensuring the stability and reliability of the electricity grid, reducing the risk of equipment damage, keeping communications systems powered and preventing costly power outages.

The session highlights that battery monitoring systems are critical components of battery backup systems in electric substations. They provide real-time information on the battery’s state of charge, voltage, and health, enabling timely maintenance and ensuring that the battery is always ready to provide emergency power when needed.

Episode Highlights

2:43 – When there is an outage and substation stand-by power is engaged, how does that work?

8:00 – Substation communications systems are a key part of the system and depend on having a properly maintained battery back up system.

10:12 – Learn what happens when the power flickers out for a moment and what to expect if it happens more than once.

15:01 – George explains how power is shifted around through the system and touches on the failings that led to the 2021 electrical crisis in Texas.

17:56 – Technicians play a critical role in maintaining the safety and reliability of electrical power systems, and having both field experience and mission critical training is essential. Training with real-world equipment, problem solving, and seeing the consequences of their actions in a safe and controlled environment are invaluable.

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