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Podcast | Hydrogen Detection, Ventilation, and Other Battery Room Safety Tips

The Battery Blarney Duo is back together again after a few months with a very special guest, Jeff Donato from H2Scan, author of the article, “A Primer on the Codes and Standards Governing Battery Safety and Compliance”. One of the subjects of this podcast is one that’s often overlooked, and that’s hydrogen detection and ventilation in the battery room. We will also talk about some other things in the battery room such as spill containment and more.

Episode Highlights

09:06 – Some even claim that depending on the composition of concrete, that hydrogen can actually mitigate through the concrete.

20:52 – If you’re calibrating, then you have a working sensor. If you’re not calibrating, it’s gonna drift off at some point.

39:01 – If the pillow has contamination or has signs of contamination, then that has to be treated as hazardous material.

43:44 – As a battery manufacturer, you have to decide how does your design meet that SDS requirement.

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