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Podcast | Q&A with an Electric Co-op E/I Technician

In this episode, the Battery Blarney hold a Q&A with Ron Dickinson from Western Farmers Electric Co-op in Oklahoma. They discuss things like the fact that batteries are susceptible to corrosion, which can lead to a thermal runaway event. And when dealing with battery corrosion, it’s important to know the signs. One of the most common causes of battery corrosion is from electrolyte or electrolyte vapors emitting from the top of the battery. This can often be caused by overcharging, and can lead to a condition known as thermal runaway. It’s important to keep an eye on your batteries. Make sure that they are properly maintained and that you know what you can do to protect your battery from harm.

Episode Highlights

04:05The common cause I found recently is that, because the seal is damaged in some way or another. You know, electrolyte rips off those terminals and you’ll see, obviously, a corrosion. 

08:47When you clean a post, you should only use a soft kitchen pads, or whatever you call them.

12:05You can try another equalizer and try to equalize charge but it may not solve the problem but it’s good to have at least a very much internal analysis, so I’m always looking for more than one thing to look at to confirm why I think it could be. 

21:45The basis of thermal runaway is that the battery, it gets hot and it’s unable to dissipate that heat. 

37:55One way that can affect the battery is if it’s operated in a very humid condition.

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