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Podcast | The Battery Blarney Duo Talk Ground Faults with Ron Dickinson

In this episode of DC Power Hour, the Battery Blarney Duo delve into the topic of ground fault testing, welcoming special guest Ron Dickinson who shares his experiences with ground faults on his installations. They discuss the nuances of ground faults, distinguishing them from short circuits, and explore techniques to mitigate issues such as corrosion in the telecom industry.

Episode Highlights

08:03 – One of the big benefits of an ungrounded system and, or a floating system is the safety aspect of we can work on the batteries safely or work on instrumentation in the field without worry about getting shocked unless the system is in a ground fault

13:14 – You have a short sleeved shirt on, your elbow catches the ground when you’re touching the wrong piece of the battery, I speak from experience on that one.

21:28 – We assumed that the the ground fault was someplace along the cable, which was not a happy thing to think about, trying to trace that, which whereabouts in the cable would it be?

24:53 – What happens if you can’t find the ground fault?

33:40 – We’re in a commercial world and the battery is not a revenue generator so tends to get overlooked.

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