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Podcast | The Effect of the Pandemic on the DC Power Industry

In this episode, we talk about the effect of the pandemic on the DC power industry with George and Allen. The two experts share how the pandemic has hit the industry in different ways. They talk about the supply chain and cost maintenance as two of the many things that have been affected by the pandemic. They touch on some amazing topics that will teach us about the industry. 

The second segment of the podcast is called “CEO Corner,” where Eagle Eye CEO, Ryan Sberna, talks about how the business has been affected by the pandemic. He shares some of the ways they handled the many challenges faced during this unprecedented time. 

Episode Highlights

02:48 – The two biggest things are, one is supply chain, getting the right components to build a system. The other thing that’s been the biggest problem is maintenance cost. 

03:06 – I think the problem is not just our industry, it’s overall, we simply weren’t prepared and we didn’t know how to handle the situation. 

04:49 – One of the lessons that’s been learned is to provide money into improving infrastructure. 

05:43 – Maintenance really has to become part of the process. 

12:06 – I find that we’re lagging behind standards. Also, a lot of conferences have been canceled last year and there’s a lot of knowledge that’s been given, imparted and shared at these conferences and that hasn’t been possible. 

17:56 – We’re still reacting rather than implementing new procedures properly. 

27:15 – “CEO Corner” – Ryan Sberna is sharing his thoughts and challenges during the pandemic. 

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