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Podcast | The Importance of Battery Room Safety

The topic of this episode covers the importance of battery room safety. In the Battery Blarney segment, George and Allen talk about some of the issues that can occur when safety precautions are overlooked, and why they are overlooked. They also discuss what to do when there is a battery spill or accident in a battery room. 

In the Field Report segment, Dave talks with Eagle Eye Service Field Tech Manager, Dustin Parker, about what he sees every day in the field regarding safety and precautions taken in the battery rooms he frequently works in.   

Episode Highlights

03:38 There are several other codes and standards that apply to battery charge or safety. The problem is that some of them do not agree with each other. 

15:19 If you understand what the problems are, you can at least take a series of precautions when you try to do it.

18:10 Part of the cost of doing a job was that you went on site ahead of the job, and you did the complete survey to understand what the challenges were, what was required in order to do the job. That concept of doing a survey seems to have disappeared in every aspect. 

25:52 Field Report segment – Dave interviews Dustin Parker about safety in the battery rooms. 

29:51 Always make sure your stuff is at 100% to what it was when you took it out of the package.  

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