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Podcast | The State of the DC Power Industry

This podcast episode looks at the state of the DC power industry through the eyes of industry experts George Pedersen and Allen Byrne. With roughly 80 years of experience between the two of them, they share how we got to this point, some of the challenges along the way, and give us their thoughts on where we’re heading. Referring to something they like to call “financial engineering”, Pedersen and Byrne remark on the continual problems associated with America’s aging power grid infrastructure and the lack of adequate training and resources needed to sustain it.

The second segment of the podcast,“10 Powerful Questions in 10 Minutes”, includes our resident stationary power expert and sales manager discussing the many benefits of industrial stationary chargers with a true product expert.

Episode Highlights

01:50 – “Battery Blarney” with George and Allen. They share about how they started and what brought them to Eagle Eye. 

07:18 – When you spend so much of your time working, it is important to enjoy what you’re doing. The other thing that motivates me is stupidity. And correcting some of the problems and misunderstandings.

09:20 – We’ve lost a couple of generations of power engineers that understand the job. It is short-sightedness. 

20:20 – It was fascinating to see how something that I had worked on all these years ago has been developed over the years in different formats to now being used to power 5G

24:40 – “10 in 10” section – Product expert answering ten questions on where the charger industry is and where it is going.

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