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Podcast | What is Going on with America’s Aging Power Grid Infrastructure?

In the Battery Blarney segment of this episode, George and Allen talk about the aging grid infrastructure in America and the proposed infrastructure bill. They also talk about what happened in Texas and discuss problems with financial engineering and energy storage. One of the problems is that the infrastructure has not kept pace with the modern electronic age. We want to modernize everything and make it all remotely monitored but we have to make sure that those networks are secure and accessible. We have to decide where we want this power to come from, and what energy storage to use when the demand increases.  

In the Product Spotlight segment, Luke Walder, the Eagle Eyes’ head of sales, talks with George about challenges and issues associated with ground faults and how Eagle Eyes’ GFL 1000 can help address some of the issues. 

Episode Highlights

04:53 – The Texas fiasco was a perfect example of everything that was wrong with the regulation. 

09:45 – The biggest problem I see with it is, these are all private or public companies. They are supposed to provide all their own money to supply the service they are selling. 

14:40 – We should be beefing up the infrastructure and adding to it. And when we do that, we have to look at cybersecurity. That’s the biggest problem that we are going to face. 

24:45 – Product Spotlight – George talks about DC ground fault – what it is, what are the primary concerns associated with it, the importance of GFL 1000…

29:08 – If you have a ground fault, you want to fix it as soon as possible. Because, even if it is not causing you a problem right at this moment, something else can usually happen that would cause a problem with it. So, do not leave anything unattended.

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