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Podcast | Why Is Battery Maintenance So Important?

In the first section of this episode, George and Allen discuss the importance of battery maintenance. They talk about the problems they have seen due to a lack of maintenance, and how catastrophic it can be. The costs due to the battery failure can reach millions of dollars. Lives could be lost potentially. But there are some steps we can do to start to maintain batteries properly.

In the “10 in 10” section, the CEO at Eagle Eye, Ryan Sberna, discusses with their skilled service manager, Erik Knudtson, how battery monitoring aids in long-term battery maintenance. 

Episode Highlights

01:42 – All forms of maintenance are important, but battery maintenance in particular. The battery is always the power source of last resort, and you really want to know that it is going to work. 

05:19 – I have seen it all, from lack of electrolyte in them to not being charged properly. But in the worst cases, the battery has been left in cabinets for UPS for years.  

08:58 – If you don’t have any maintenance records, you will have warranty problems. And the battery is not going to be there when you need it the most. Like in Katrina. The problems that we have identified years before, were still there, and just in worse condition. And when people tried to coordinate rescue efforts, the sites failed. 

14:16 – Steps we can take to improve our maintaining batteries – online monitoring, visual inspection, and education so the data can be analyzed correctly. 

20:30 – “10 in 10” section – Erik Knudtson shares his perspective from the field, answering 10 questions on battery monitoring as the future of battery maintenance. 

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