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Podcast | Switch Mode Chargers and TPL Compliance

In this episode, the Battery Blarney Duo chats with charger specialist Lucas Berndt on the history and advantages of switch mode, convection-cooled rectifier technology. They discuss its benefits across applications and the importance of chargers regarding overall battery and DC system performance. Finally, they discuss the redundancy and continuity testing required for NERC TPL-001-5 compliance and how Eagle Eye’s BC-2500 meets this important standard.

Episode Highlights

2:54 – How did switch mode rectifiers come about?

9:30 – Those were kind of the initial drivers of it, looking for not only more compact technology, but the one that that steps out.

16:16 –The other thing was to do with another mandate, TPL, 001, not only monthly, but they have to have built in redundancy.

18:22 – PRC 005, which is the first of the mandates that come out really just established a defined level of maintenance that was required.

44:26 – I’ll ask the question. We’ve got where we are now, good chargers, good batteries, what’s the biggest challenge?

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