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Podcast | The Battery Blarney Duo Field Questions From Sales

Listen in this episode of DC Power Hour as our battery Blarney duo of George and Allen field questions from a few members of our sales team. We’ve got Patrick, Andrew, and Doug taking part in our round table discussion looking for feedback and answers to client questions and demands that they are asked to overcome.

Episode Highlights

1:34 – Is there a time when either a SAN or fire retardant (FR) jar options should be recommended for usage over the other?

5:08 – If you recommend the FR material type, even when the customer doesn’t specify it, how do you differentiate that into a quote for a customer and against competitors?

11:34 –Where does the battery monitoring system vendor fall in the responsibility of ensuring that a customer actually installs or ties the system into their network and SCADA systems in a way that actually makes them compliant?

17:10 – What is the purpose of humidity monitoring included in a BMS and would you find that to be something that’s totally necessary in a battery monitoring system?

26:28 – In 2023, is there really any reason for a customer to buy a flooded battery anymore? Isn’t VRLA just far superior as far as footprint, flame retardant jars, everything about them just seems to be superior.

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