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Celebrating American Made

At Eagle Eye Power Solutions, as we celebrate Independence Day, we take great pride in offering those products made right here in the USA. Some of those products are our stationary battery float chargers – manufactured in America’s Heartland, for over 50 years.

After all, we all know there are certain things that just can’t be replicated by products made anywhere else – things like reliability, durability and long-lasting performance. The American Standard still stands for something, and these battery chargers are no exception. They are industry-leading products that are a direct reflection of the hard-working people who make them.


Charging critical battery-powered systems should never be left to chance because charging batteries incorrectly can lead to unforeseen battery failure when needed most. With multiple hot-swappable Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs), the right battery charger will maintain the critical redundancy (N+1, N+2, etc.) needed even if a User Interface Module (UIM) fails.

Ensuring maximum uptime for critical applications also means having alarms in place to detect deterioration in battery condition before it becomes a problem. Some chargers even provide specific alarming and date/time sync protocols via Ethernet or Modbus, with an option for a digital amp/volt meter if desired.


With the durability and trusted performance of gold standard chargers, our BC-2200 and BC-2500 stationary float battery chargers give customers a reliable solution they can count on in extreme conditions, when they need them to perform without failure.

Here are some of their unique features:

  • AC/DC powered UIM for continued operation without AC
  • Heavy-duty steel chassis with high-quality coated circuit boards for moisture protection
  • Battery temperature compensation with controlled limits
  • Internal web server with ability to provide networked or direct communication via a laptop
  • Convection cooled with wide -40-70ºC (-40-158ºF) operating range and no fan failure points
  • High-energy efficiency of >93% at 240 VAC and >91% at 120 VAC and full load

Both models also use switch mode technology and a modular design for customized scalable systems that fit unique customer needs, now and for years to come.


In today’s global economy, innovation and quality can be seen in products made throughout the world, and we can always find a better price on something somewhere if we search long enough online. However, when it comes to something as important as a battery charger for your critical power applications, sometimes there’s just no substitute for the peace of mind you get when you buy American.  

Have a safe, happy 4th of July weekend!

2 thoughts on “Celebrating American Made

  1. I agree with the American-made part. But, why is it so hard in this country to get new designs/products from American citizens into production? Letting someone steal one’s design seems to be the only way to get it onto the market. There really needs to be a better way. America can’t really contribute this way.

    1. Hi Dennis. Thanks for your thoughtful review of our article. While you bring up very important points, we are unable to comment on the complexity of these issues. We can only reiterate our interest in supporting American manufacturers whenever possible.

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