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August 2020 Update on Industry News

Posted August 5, 2020

In our June newsletter, we mentioned that lead-acid battery manufacturer Exide Technologies, the parent company of GNB, was filing for a voluntary Chapter 11 petition for bankruptcy protection. Well a buyer has stepped forward in the shape of Atlas Holdings LLC. of Greenwich, CT. Atlas and its affiliates own and operate about 20 industrial manufacturing, distribution and logistics companies worldwide

Data centers are huge users of diesel-fueled engine generators. Microsoft has just announced that they want to eliminate their use for power backup. Diesel fuel only amounts to 1% of world emissions, so Microsoft’s share would only be a small fraction of that. Well, I guess that every little helps and it is good PR. But it will be a boon for the energy storage folks if other large data center users follow suit.

In an excellent blog by Chris Thompson of Schneider Electric, see: https://blog.se.com/datacenter/2020/06/30/the-grid-is-flipping-are-you-ready/

Chris talks about the concept of “Grid Flipping.” This is an interesting concept which discusses the “flipping” from our legacy carbon-based electrical generation to renewable energy sources. As Chris describes it as ”from  uni-directional power flow to bi-directional power flow or flipping from centralized generation to decentralized generation.” This is an interesting read which I thoroughly recommend.

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