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HGD-3000iAC Hydrogen Gas & Smoke Detector with Intrusion Alarm


Hydrogen Gas / Smoke Detector with Intrusion Alarm

25ft. RJ-45 Cable for Breakout Box to HGD-3000

Test and recalibrate sensor board for HGD-Series

Sensor Board for HGD-Series

Replace the sensor & recalibrate HGD-Series

Steel Junction Box for HGD-Series

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The HGD-3000iAC Hydrogen Gas and Smoke Detector with optional Silent Intrusion Alarm is designed for unattended battery installations or remote shelters containing gassing lead acid batteries and charging systems. The HGD-3000 will turn on an exhaust fan when hydrogen gas levels reach 1% and will alarm at 2%. This alarm consists of a local 80db horn, a flashing red LED, and a dry contact switch closure for remote alarming.

Smoke Detection

The photoelectric smoke sensor detects minute combustion products from smoldering wire insulation, battery cases, and other material. When smoke is detected, a distinctive alarm is emitted from the 80db horn and a separate dry contact switch is activated. At this time, the exhaust fan is inhibited in order to deny the fire increased oxygen from outside air.

Temperature, Loss of Power, & Intrusion

During normal operation and in the absence of an alarm condition, an internal thermostat will turn on the exhaust fan at a preset temperature to reduce heat build-up in the room. Loss of power to the unit will also generate a dry contact alarm. Additionally, an optional infrared intrusion alarm will trigger a silent dry contact switch.


  • Automatic Operation and Continuous 24/7 Monitoring
  • Highly sensitive and stable solid state hydrogen sensor
  • Sensitive photoelectric smoke detector module
  • Internal thermostat for automatic exhaust fan control at 40°C (104°F) with ±5° adjustable range
  • Save insurance costs – reduce insurance premiums when placed in battery charging rooms


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