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VIGILANT™ Software v1.3.10


Downloadable software for the VIGILANT battery monitoring system, v1.3.10.



Released Dec 27, 2022


  • Added a new log-in page
  • Modbus updates. Please review the updated mapping documentation for more detailed information:
    • Modbus has been updated to provide more information via the MEI types (Modbus mapping version & battery name).
    • Existing MEI data has been updated. Please review the mapping document to determine if the changes will affect you.
  • Minor improvements made to the discharge sections on the web UI:
    • Added the ability to download CSV files from the discharge page and discharge summaries page.
    • Improved legend display – will now be more compact on a larger range of screen sizes.
    • When hovering over the chart data, the web UI will now display the unit number alongside the values.
    • Discharge summaries now display the length of the discharge.
  • Improvements made to the web UI reporting systems:
    • Users can now download PDF versions of NERC reports.
    • Now when downloading CSV files and opening them in Microsoft Excel, it will recognize the correct file encoding and display the correct units in the headers.
  • Bar charts now allow users to zoom & scroll – particularly useful with systems with a large number of units.
  • When sensor communications are “idle”, the Vigilant will continue to communicate to prevent v2 boards from triggering a watchdog alarm.


  • Changes made to the VIGILANT’s self-reporting version code.
  • Fixed a bug where the hysteresis/deadband deactivation variables were incorrectly set if adjusted from the web UI.
  • Fixed the Modbus MEI type data where one of the registers was accidentally duplicated.
  • Fixed an issue with the ELM management code (post-install) that would not register ELM alarms for any ELMs configured after commissioning (1.3.9 issue only).
  • Fixed an issue with historical ELM alarms, where all alarms would erroneously record that all alarms started at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue when LEDS/relays wouldn’t trigger when the system detected an alarm under certain circumstances (1.3.9 only).
  • Various improvements made to the installer to speed up the commissioning process.
  • Some minor typographical fixes in the web UI.
  • Some minor typographical updates to historical changelogs.


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