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This June, as we look back on our first 20 episodes, we wanted to revisit two of our favorite topics so far – “Renewables and Alternative Energy Sources” and “Extreme Weather and Other Pitfalls of the Current Power Grid.”

Please enjoy, and we’ll be back with all new episodes in July.

The world is changing – is our electrical grid prepared to handle it? In this episode of DC Power Hour, George, Allen and the guys acknowledge the anniversary of the Texas power outage last February by discussing how extreme weather and the stress on the power grid affects everyone. From extreme weather events to the lack of funding and personnel for utilities, the group discusses the complexity of issues facing the power grid infrastructure now and in the future. They explore what’s working and what’s not in some European countries and if it could be applicable in the US, as well as other potential ways to start attacking this immense problem.

The views expressed in this podcast represent the individuals who share them and are not necessarily those of Eagle Eye Power Solutions, LLC.

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